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Shut Up.

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Grave Man
rp character journal for used_future (played by inkblade)

Name: Grave (aka Coffin Man)
Fandom: Death Trance
Gender: M
Age: mid-late 20s
Canon History: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Trance
Found orphaned outside of a rural forest village as a child, Grave was taken in and raised as a swordsman—becoming a part of the only line of defense against an endless stream of bandits and forest monsters. Although loyal to the young female village chief Shirayuki, things began to change when a mysterious monk wandered into town claiming that he was part of an order that must guard against the resurrection of the Goddess of Destruction, which was prophesied to take place in that very village.

Not long after the monk's arrival, impetuous Grave began fighting the people he loved and respected, and the truth about his mysterious heritage finally began to unravel--that Grave was not human at all but one of a race of bloodthirsty demons, known as Hatena, whose powers had begun to awaken. Finally, at Shirayuki's suggestion, Grave decided to leave the village, that he might search for the ultimate battle; but in order to face the Goddess, he would first have to embrace his true nature.
UF History:Raised in an orphanage and various foster homes, Grave led a troubled childhood, getting into fights and running on the wrong side of the law, until one day he was caught shoplifting and recieved the lecture of a lifetime--but it was more the fear of punishment that kept him on the right side of the law than any deep seated sence of conscience until later in life.

From then on, he channeled his need for challenge into study of the martial arts, becoming a securty guard, and even considering going into law enforcement--having been fortunate to have been busted young enough not to have a permanent criminal record.

Unfortunately, whatever goddess of destruction frowned upon society soon put an end to such dreams, and Grave Man found himself fighting for basic survival by whatever means he could beg, borrow, or steal--leaving the ruins of his childhood behind and taking with him only what he could carry on his back. Hoping he could yet make some kind of a living.

Personality:Easily entertained and just as easily bored, Grave is constantly seeking new challenges, but often comes across as arrogant and impulsive. He is tenacious, determined, and doesn't back down easily. He lives to fight, and fights to live, and takes great pleasure in doing so. Also, having known what it is like to go hungry, his greatest guilty pleasure is simply in having food--and eating it in peace.
Strengths: Thrives in conflict, trained in sword fighting, marksmanship and martial arts. He has quick reflexes and a quick wit--though the latter usually manifests in sarcasm.
Weaknesses: Overconfidence and a rather volatile temper make him easily provoked an likely to hold grudges. He also tends to be a loner, which--in combination with his boyish looks--could make him seem like easy prey.

Settlement choice: Atropos
Specialty: mercenary
Vehicle: n/a
Possessions: Clothing, leather vest/breatplate/belt, katana, rifle?